Our step-by-step curriculum will help you turn your idea into an effective and sustainable social venture.

Our eAcademy for Conscious Change combines the practical skills necessary to design a successful social venture with mindfulness practices and the personal leadership skills you will need to engage in the work.

  • How to diagnose and address a social ill systemically and at the root level
  • How to construct a mission, vision and theory of change
  • How to develop a start-up and operating budget and conduct basic bookkeeping
  • How to evaluate and communicate the success of your initiative
  • How to practice self-awareness to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally whole
  • How to advance your cause responsibly and ethically
  • How to embrace self-care and lead others consciously
  • How to use your own gifts and capabilities to create positive change

At the end of the course, you will have a complete venture plan that you can save, print to use as a guide for implementation, email to a foundation as a grant proposal, and share online with others who are interested in your mission.

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Whether you want to eliminate domestic violence, improve the water supply, enhance education for girls in your community, make schools safer – the tools you need to begin on your path of progress are the same.

Our free* online class consists of 32 modules that guide you through every stage of venture formation. Each module contains case studies, conscious leadership skills, social entrepreneurial tutorials, and design work submissions. This holistic approach has helped hundreds of women and girls begin their social justice endeavors with the tools they need to succeed.

The course is self-paced, and the process and results are designed to be shared – if only one member of your grassroots organization can access the course, he or she can facilitate each step of the venture design process with the rest of the group.

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Seraphine Hacimana, President, Hard Workers, Gahanga, Rwanda

Hard Workers is made up of 19 mostly illiterate women who have been fighting sexual exploitation in exchange for water delivery among disabled and poor women in Rwanda's rural, yet mountainous terrain. Using Global Grassroots' training, Hard Workers, led by Seraphine Hacimana, designed a simple clean water venture in their village center. Selling water to those who can afford to pay has allowed them to ensure vulnerable women receive water for free and protection from violence and exploitation. Profits go to health insurance, orphan school fees and a micro-loan fund to help women's economic independence. After 5 years of sustainable operations, the venture has expanded to 3 sites and serves approximately 6000 people.


Ben Freeman, Executive Director, LIPACE - Monrovia, Liberia

Benjamin Freeman founded the Liberia Institute for the Promotion of Academic Excellence (LIPACE) in 2008 to design innovative programs to improve access to quality education, and to promote academic excellence among marginalized and vulnerable youth. LIPACE currently works with 50 schools in three counties in Liberia, and has reached over 7000 students with its programs. Ben has found the eAcademy’s emphasis on deep listening and participatory development pivotal to his work at LIPACE. “Academic performance is multifaceted. As such, successful organizations need to really be able to engage with students, listen to them, and use their insights to develop workable solutions to address the problem of poor academic performance.” Another benefit of the eAcademy, Ben asserts, has been to help him clearly define his organization’s goals and develop sustainable strategies to achieve his goals. “Initially, my idea was all over the place. The eAcademy helped me to think systematically about the change I want to create in my country, and to design effective mechanisms to raise funds and other resources I need to carry out my work.”

As you embark upon developing a conscious social change venture using Global Grassroots' curriculum, you join a fellowship of nearly 500 graduates of our Academy for Conscious Change

Throughout your enrollment in this incubator course, our US staff are available to provide technical support to ensure your ease of use of the eAcademy platform. You also have the option of being matched with one of our certified Conscious Social Change Practitioners to offer feedback on your venture design, assistance with our strategic tools or general coaching during your design phase.

Once you have completed your venture plan, you are invited to submit it to our Idea Bank where you will have the opportunity to network with donors and change agents globally who are eager to invest in and learn from your solution. We will follow up with you over the course of your first year to hear about your progress implementing your program and your evaluation of your eAcademy experience. Your unique endeavor to transform your local community built via the eAcademy unites you with a growing Global Grassroots fellowship pioneering conscious social change.

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We support conscious, social change, driven by and for women directly impacted by the social issue they are looking to solve

Since 2004, Global Grassroots has helped hundreds of vulnerable women and girls across Africa, Asia and North America create their own micro-NGOs that serve thousands of others and are sustained by their own communities. Those most deeply impacted by an issue often have the greatest insight on how to solve it – our goal is to share the tools and skills needed for anyone to succeed as a conscious agent of change.

For more information about our organization, please check out our parent site.

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